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Final Fantasy REMIX

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final fantasy REMIX

Here is a wonderful map made in about two minutes in MS Paint.

Final Fantasy REMIX will be a little bit different from most other interactive FF games; rather than focusing on one world and one set of characters, several worlds will be combined into one and characters will be imported from all over select games from the Final Fantasy series and placed together to interact. Characters that would have normally never even known of each other's existence will be forced to deal with each other frequently, new relationships will be formed, and there will be room for character expansion by putting them in a new environment.

The world in and of itself is called Gaia. There are several continents on it, and just like the real world, they have different traditions, languages, clothes, and rituals, if you will. The eastern continent, by far the largest, contains the cities of Midgar and Balamb. Midgar is the same as it was in FFVII; it still contains sectors, still uses Mako as its form of energy, and is being run by the eldest Shin-Ra. Balamb is mainly a Garden, though it is one of two; Trabia is on this continent as well, but is small and an offshoot of Balamb.

To the northeast is a thin, rocky continent that is mostly uninhabitable. At one end, there is Wutai; a mostly peaceful village that was nearly decimated in a war with Shinra fifteen years before. At the west end of the continent, however, is a cave that none have ever entered and come out alive from: the Mi'ihen Cave.

To the south of the Wutain Continent are two continents connected by an isthmus. One is mostly desert; that is, to the north is Figaro Castle and Figaro Desert, before Bikanel Desert emerges. Just south of Bikanel Desert is South Figaro. An isthmus separates the deserts from Kilika and Bevelle.

Finally, on a continent unto itself, lies the kingdom of Burmecia.

What is the evil that they are all fighting against? There is a force that plagues the world every twenty years. That force is Sin. The armies of Midgar, the Gardens, Figaro, Burmecia, and even the Machine Faction in Bikanel Desert all combine forces to vanquish Sin, but it's never enough.

There are select few who carry special blood that allows them to fight, and die, defending the people against Sin. Depending on which part of the world you're in, they're witches, or sorceresses, or Cetra... in the end, they're all the same. They are the chosen people that are born with the talent to at least subdue Sin for a time. There are people that would take advantage of this, however.

With a new generation comes new leaders. Rufus Shin-Ra is now at the helm of Shin-Ra, Inc., which monopolizes the Eastern world as the people know it. Ruling Burmecia is the fair Queen Garnet, barely old enough to be a Queen yet proving every day that she is capable. Figaro is guided under the steady hand of Edgar Figaro, and Gippal has established himself as the leader of the Machine Faction in the Bikanel Desert. Kisaragi Godo remains in the highest position of power in Wutai, and Baralai leads Bevelle and Kilika with patience and understanding.

At the beginning of the rp, Sin is rising again. However, there is tension between the worlds as Shin-Ra discreetly seeks out people with the 'blood' and allies with Figaro, and Wutai and the Machina Faction side against the combined forces. The only countries left undecided are Burmecia and Bevelle (Kilika included). With the threat of Sin, however, what the people need most of all is to be united...

There are whisperings and murmurs all across Gaia that there is a magical item powerful enough to stop Sin once and for all. Its appearance and uses are different depending on who you speak to, but everyone agrees upon one thing: it lies in the Mi'ihen Cave. However, there are certain magical ingredients needed in order to make a magical item powerful enough to allow them to enter Mi'ihen Cave and return alive...

The characters in this roleplay are questing for these magical ingredients. More information on them will be released as the rp progresses.

Character List.

--Aerith's Team
--Yuna's Team
--Rinoa's Team
--Terra's Team
--Garnet's Team

Logs Information.

Sample: Locked Private Entry.

Sample: Message to Team.

Sample: Message to All.

Sample: Third Person Log.